What is GAR-KAR Enterprises?

    GAR-KAR Enterprises is a family-owned company of snowmobiling veterans.  Part of our dream is to make snowmobiling more enjoyable for families, so we thought about how to make that possible.  After taking many family trips to various winter destinations, it was the general consensus that smooth trails were needed to make the experience more enjoyable.  So, we began designing personal grooming devices that would be part of every snowmobile.

    Currently our "GROOM-AS-U-GO" product line features 3 patented state-of-the-art devices.  We are proud to have a small hand in the future betterment of the sport of snowmobiling.  Passion for the finest riding experience is driving us to continue providing high quality, low maintenance "GROOM-AS-U-GO" products, all made in the USA.  Feel free to visit our patents on the U.S Patent and Trades Office (PTO) website to learn more.

Minigroomer- U.S. Patent 6,094,845

Trail Rake (1st generation)- U.S. Patent 6,026,600

Trail Rake (2nd generation)- U.S. Patent 6,698,111

If you would like more information on us or our company, give us a call or write.