The MINIGROOMER is both a groomer and a cargo carrier that can be easily pulled by any snowmobile to groom spur trails, cross-country ski trails, or any system where large groomers do not or can not groom.  The MINIGROOMER grooms as you carry your ice fishing gear, clothing, tools, or anything else on it's convenient cargo rack.  Made of heavy-gauge steel with a highly-durable powder coat finish , the MINIGROOMER weighs only 32 lbs. and measures 20" wide by 36" long and 6" tall making it easy to attach to any sled and store when trailering.  As a result, single or multiple units may be pulled with minimal effort.


The MINIGROOMER'S patented design consists of a front snow deflector that catches snow thrown rearward from the track, 6 staggered spring-loaded grooming paddles, replaceable nylon glide runners, and an optional cargo rack.    The device catches snow thrown from the snowmobile's track, directs the snow into the grooming paddles filling valleys in the terrain, and cutting through newly created moguls, effortlessly smoothing the terrain.  It is capable of working flawlessly in all conditions--wet, densely-packed snow, dry, unpacked snow, cold, and warmer weather.  Something no other groomer has been able to accomplish.


Almost any cargo carrier (cooler or hard suitcase) can be used and easily strapped down to the optional cargo rack ("TRAIL TRAILER").  For those who trailer their sleds, the MINIGROOMER conveniently stows beneath the sled belly pan on top of the tie-down bar, efficiently converting into a snowmobile "anti-theft device."  The MINIGROOMER is ideal for those who don't have the luxury of having large groomers maintain their smaller spur trails.  Retailing at $599.95, it is affordable and worth the investment of smoother trails and added cargo space.