Trail Rake





The Trail Rake is a revolutionary device that will help to reduce the "washboard" trails we all hate to ride on.  It has been designed and tested to eliminate the formation of moguls. 

BOTTOM-LINE, the LELA Trail Rake will:

  • INCREASE FUEL ECONOMY by keeping trails smoother (moguls and rough trails cause decreased fuel economy)

  • INCREASE SLED PERFORMANCE (rough trails reduce our ability to ride safely and enjoyably)

  • REDUCE MAINTENANCE COSTS by reducing the frequency at which groomers need to groom

  • REDUCE WEAR-AND-TEAR on our sleds (fewer fouled spark plugs and structural damage)

  • REDUCE BODY ACHES after riding for long periods of time

TOP 12 goals achieved by the LELA Trail Rake, in what order would you rate them? (please let us know)

  1. Destroys moguls at the time of their creation

  2. Makes riding a far more pleasurable experience

  3. Improves fuel economy

  4. Enhances passenger comfort

  5. Enhances driver control and safety

  6. Maintains your delicate trail surface, every mile, every hour, every ride

  7. Will ultimately lengthen the trail riding season, even during warm spells

  8. "Spur" trails that never see a groomer will remain smoother.

  9. Enables you to take a proactive action in maintaining your trails like never before.  You will make a difference without changing your riding style.

  10. Prevents icy, washed-out turns, keeping snow on the trail not allowing it to be thrown into the woods.

  11. Attaches to any snowmobile, regardless of age and model, in less than 15 minutes

  12. Beautifully designed with colors to match your sled

Why are Trail Rakes needed?

The LELA TRAIL RAKE constantly prevents trail destruction, so return trips, hours later, on your trails will be just as smooth as if you were following a groomer. 

Presently, trails become a "War Zone" because when the throttle is applied, excessive track spin digs snow from the trail's surface.  The more throttle that is applied, the greater volume of snow is thrown rearward, leaving a divot where the track was touching the trail, and a mound of snow (mogul) where it was deflected down from the "snow flap."  EVERY snowmobile presently creates moguls resulting in "War Zone" trails.  Making it worse, the snowmobiles following behind pack this mogul down increasing the divot-to-mogul displacement, tearing up the trails in only a few short hours.  But NOW there's a solution!

How does the Trail Rake work?

As the snow is thrown rearward, it is caught by the "snow collector," swirled in the cylinder, and then dropped down into the divot the track spin created.  Then snow is gradually dispersed back onto the trail in small amounts as the sled travels forward.  Simple, effective, efficient, and maintenance free!


How much does the Trail Rake weigh?

Including the zero-maintenance, universal, stainless-steel bracket, the "snow collector," and mounting hardware, the LELA TRAIL RAKE weighs only 12 pounds.


The Trail Rake can be purchased in a variety of colors, including red, white, blue, yellow, black, and arctic green


The TRAIL RAKE is for use on all snowmobiles!

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